Free PDF: Can markers detect contract cheating? Results from a pilot study.

Can markers detect CC

Hot off the presses, here is a free PDF post-print of our latest article on contract cheating: Dawson, P., & Sutherland-Smith, W. (in press). Can markers detect contract cheating? Results from a pilot study. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. doi:10.1080/02602938.2017.1336746 Contract cheating is the purchasing of custom-made university assignments with the intention of submitting […]

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Why it’s not just assessors who benefit from multiple choice(s)

Think of university assessment and it probably conjures anxiety. As David Boud notes: even successful, able and committed students – those who become university teachers – have been hurt by their experiences of assessment, time and time again, through school and through higher education. Even the very language of assessment, essays and exams is etymologically […]

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Are lectures a good way to learn?

By Phillip Dawson, Monash University Imagine a future where university enrolment paperwork is accompanied by the statement: Warning: lectures may stunt your academic performance and increase risk of failure. Researchers from the United States have just published an exhaustive review and their findings support that warning. They read every available research study comparing traditional lectures […]

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