New project “Feedback for learning: closing the assessment loop”

I’m delighted to be part of a team on a new $280k Office for Learning and Teaching project titled “Feedback for learning: closing the assessment loop”. The project is led by A/Prof Michael Henderson from Monash University:

Feedback (during and after) assessment tasks is critical for effectively promoting student learning. Without feedback students are limited in how they can make judgements as to their progress, and how they can change their future performance. Feedback is the lynchpin to students’ effective decision making, and the basis of improved learning outcomes. However, feedback is under-utilised and often misunderstood by both students and academics. This project is about improving student learning (and experience) through improving institutional, academic, and student capacity to stimulate and leverage assessment feedback.

The aim of this project is to improve student learning and experience by improving the way in which the Australian Higher Education sector enacts feedback. Our approach will deliver a pragmatic, empirically based framework of feedback designs to guide academics, academic developers and instructional designers, as well as institutional policy. This will be supported by large scale data highlighting patterns of success and 10 rich cases of feedback designs to demonstrate how that success can be achieved. In addition, this project will facilitate the likelihood of adoption through a series of dissemination activities including national workshops built on a participatory design approach.

More to come as it’s available.

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