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A learning analytics block to identify students at risk of disengaging with their studies – $50k, NetSpot Innovation Fund, 2012.

What can Moodle/BlackBoard/etc tell us about student success? Student persistence and achievement have been linked to what students do on learning management systems. Successful students view content pages (eg lecture notes); post and read messages; log in often; and complete assessed (and non-assessed) tasks. What about students who don’t do these things? Existing research calls for an “early warning system” in the form of a learning analytics “dashboard” for lecturers, but no such system exists within the standard Moodle codebase. I am leading a team that is developing a block that teachers can add to their Moodle course that will provide them with a quick graphical snapshot of which students are at risk.

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Slides and handouts from SoLAR Southern Flare

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Post on moodle.org forums announcing release

2012 MoodleMootAu presentation abstract and slides: pdf|pptx

A story on the NetSpot website

Traffic light risk view

Sortable report view

Configurable weightings for each indicator

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  1. for Forum Activity with these settings:

    No_Risk = 5
    Max_Risk = 1
    Weighting = 23%

    if the average post per week is equal to or greater than [No_Risk] value, then the local risk is 0%.

    if the average post per week is less than [No _Risk] and greater than [Max_Risk] then the local_risk should be:
    local_risk = (average_post_per_week – Max_Risk ) / (No_Risk – Max_Risk)

    if the average post per week is equal to or less than [Max_Risk] value, then the local risk should be 100%, not equal to 23% (weighting percent). What do you think?

  2. Hi Rebecca! In your example, the indicator should return 100% risk, which would be multiplied by 23% for a weighted score of 23%. In the screenshots above, that would look like a “23% (100%)” entry in the Forum Activity column. This is then added to any risk from other indicators for a total weighted score.

    • Hi Phill,

      Thank you very much for your response.

      Since weighting only use for risk_contribution, not risk_local
      Would you please update the formula for local_risk calculation in the next release of this plugin?

      something like:

      //$local_risk = $this->calculate(‘totalposts’, $this->rawdata->posts[$userid][‘total’]);
      //$risk_contribution = $local_risk * $weighting;

      protected function calculate($type, $num) {
      $maxrisk = $this->config[“max_$type”];
      $norisk = $this->config[“no_$type”];
      //rebecca changed
      $weight = $this->config[“w_$type”];

      $risk = 0;
      if ($num / $this->currweek currweek currweek;
      $num -= $maxrisk;
      $num /= $norisk – $maxrisk;
      $risk = $num * $weight;
      $post_per_week_avg = $num / $this->currweek;
      if ($post_per_week_avg = $norisk) {
      $risk = 0; //faster
      $risk = ( ($post_per_week_avg – $maxrisk) / ($norisk – $maxrisk) ) ;
      return $risk;

      • Thanks again Rebecca. I’m not involved in active development (and didn’t do any coding on it when I was) so you’re probably better off putting this up on the Git repo. Maybe get in touch with Bob Puffer from Lutheran in the US too, who is part of a group that has forked EA. Thanks for getting in touch!

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