Learning Analytics

A learning analytics block to identify students at risk of disengaging with their studies – $50k, NetSpot Innovation Fund, 2012.

What can Moodle/BlackBoard/etc tell us about student success? Student persistence and achievement have been linked to what students do on learning management systems. Successful students view content pages (eg lecture notes); post and read messages; log in often; and complete assessed (and non-assessed) tasks. What about students who don’t do these things? Existing research calls for an “early warning system” in the form of a learning analytics “dashboard” for lecturers, but no such system exists within the standard Moodle codebase. I am leading a team that is developing a block that teachers can add to their Moodle course that will provide them with a quick graphical snapshot of which students are at risk.

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Slides and handouts from SoLAR Southern Flare

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Post on moodle.org forums announcing release

2012 MoodleMootAu presentation abstract and slides: pdf|pptx

A story on the NetSpot website

Traffic light risk view

Sortable report view

Configurable weightings for each indicator

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